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Preferred Schedule 

Session 1: Friday evening
Session 2: Sabbath morning, during the worship service
Session 3: Sabbath afternoon

We believe that this format is the most effective way to do this series, so that your church can enjoy having guests on Sabbath morning. But if Sabbath morning is just not possible at your church, then you can follow an alternate schedule.

 Alternate Schedules

Session 1: Thursday evening

Session 2: Friday evening

Session 3: Saturday evening


Session 1: Friday evening

Session 2: Saturday evening

Session 3: Sunday evening


Each session will follow the same basic schedule, with minor variations in timing. Here is a breakdown of specific program areas, using a start time of 7:00 p.m. as an example:

7:00  Welcome, announcements and prayer.

7:05  Video Experience: Pastor Boonstra shares the stories for the session (approximately 30 minutes). At the end of the message, Pastor Boonstra will invite your audience to take out their Bible study lesson and begin the study with their local moderator.

7:35  Local Bible Study: Your local moderator will lead your audience through the guided Bible study (approximately 30 minutes).

8:05  Promotion of the next session, closing prayer.

8:10 Refreshments and mingling.

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